Egypt Security Group Company (ESG) was founded in Egypt in year 2017 in response to the growing demand of private and public sectors for the need of security services with advanced skills and training.

The company is managed by highly qualified security professionals with vast and solid experiences in the field of security services including threat and risk assessment, security planning and guard security management. The managers acquired their experiences during their long time employment with the United Nations and Peacekeeping Missions. In addition, our company managers are former Egyptian Police Officers who served over twenty years in the Ministry of Interior. Their police experiences were acquired through their assignment to various police divisions and law-enforcement specializations.

ESG provides security services and protections to educational institutions,  financial institutions , health care sectors , hotels , shopping malls and centers, residential communities (buildings/villas/compounds), petrochemical,  industrial and manufacturing sector , embassies and consulates, and other locations where security at stakes.

ESG also provides highly educated security personnel with foreign language capabilities to serve foreign investors and companies operate in Egypt in the field of execution of national development projects including the construction of electricity power stations, roads and railways, natural gas and petrochemicals and the development and construction of new cities.

Company Ethics Statement

As a security service company, Egypt Security Group (ESG) recognizes its duty to thoroughly screen and investigate employment candidates in coordination with local security agencies to ensure that we only employ honest people whose backgrounds indicate that  they know right from wrong and can be successful working within a framework of strict rules and high standards of conduct.

We are committed to helping every employee embrace our culture and understand how to apply the ESG code of ethics in their work. Our company rules clearly define our organizational values and conduct standards, and our security personnel training programs reinforce those principles and define our clients’ expectations. From security guards and supervisors on the front lines to operations managers, executive leaders and administrators behind the scenes, we must all be guided in our decisions by the ESG code of ethics and the codes of the clients we serve.

Our success is earned through hard work, responsiveness to client and employee needs, and integrity in all business practices. We are dedicated to a continuing process of honest review regarding our company practices and policies to ensure that we continue to build our security company on a strong ethical foundation.

Our Core Beliefs

With globalization and the rapid increase of terrorism, risks are tremendously high. The role of security is not so much to eliminate risks as to help organizations take risks and remain resilient.  Security threats are becoming more complex. Risks like terrorism, transnational organized crime, and information theft are becoming more difficult to manage.

Egypt Security Group strongly believes in maintaining safe and secured environments. An effective comprehensive security plan and affordable security tools and measures can achieve safe environment and support business in achieving its goals.

 ESG distinguishes itself from other security providers competing to win contracts with lower bids; we focus to earn business with greater value. Whereas security guards may be warm bodies in uniforms, ESG security personnel are the skilled security professionals with superior qualifications.

ESG uniformed security personnel are carefully screened and selected, intensively trained, constantly monitored, and always evaluated on an- ongoing basis in order to ensure that we are meeting the client’s expectations. Management conducts interview to all candidates, seeks background checks in coordination with local security agencies and ensure integrity and ethics prior to any hiring.