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Because educational institutions and their campuses play host to a broad range of faculty, staff, students, and the general public, professional security planning and protection are necessities. Facilities, student, and guest protection require the highest level of security services related to access control, after-hours protection, patrols, and alarm monitoring

Egypt Security Group Company possess the experience in securing educational institutions, including universities, colleges, schools, and others


Our approach is to create a program that builds a culture of safety on each campus, providing strong and responsive security with emphasis on maintaining a student-friendly, learning-friendly environment. Security professionals focus on threat/risk assessments, situation analysis, and comprehensive planning in preparation for all contingencies


:Egypt Security Group Company supports educational institutions with the following services, among others


Facilities protection •


Threat and risk assessments •


Responsibility for day-to-day security operations •


Campus security •


Parking security •


Student safety and security education/awareness •


Theft prevention •


Emergency response •

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